Allstate Public Warehouse is a 200,000 square foot cement building located in Youngstown.

We provide a very unique service to this area, called "public warehousing". This concept is used in large market areas such as Chicago, Cleveland, and New York, and is based on sharing overhead expenses (utilities, equipment, security, & labor). Logistics can be performed by the tenants or by the Public Warehouse, even on a per pallet basis which can reduce labor costs.

Rent includes:

  • Property tax.
  • liability insurance.
  • utility expense (trash removal & electric).
  • security expense (TYCO/ADT advanced security system, and recording surveillance cameras).
  • Warehouse manager (provides safety, security, & tenant assistance).
  • Fire protection (isolated dry sprinkler system & extinguishers).
  • New roof (15 year leak-proof warranty).
  • Restroom facilities (fully maintained).
  • Office space, furnished & wifi (can be used by tenants anytime).
  • Use of equipment (dock plates, pallet jacks & forklift).
  • Use of loading docks (5 docks & drive-in access available).

Our commercial tenants utilize our warehouse for:

  • inventory storage.
  • equipment storage.
  • manufacturing.
  • distribution.
  • cross docking.
  • recreational vehicles.

Our document storage tenants have a highly secured area which is locked down specifically to regulate HIPAA and confidentiality protection for:

  • documents.
  • files.
  • record retention.

Security is our highest priority, access is monitored & restricted by Allstate Public Warehouse.

We offer short-term & long-term leases and space can be as small as one pallet to 20,000 square feet (currently available).

Long-term price per square foot is as low as 7 cents, based on volume.

Short-term standard rate(s):

$500 Minimum for ANY service

Handling Per Pallet:

Regular Pallets (Under 2500 lbs) - $10

Regular Pallets (2500-4000 lbs) - $20

Oversized Pallets (Under 2500 lbs) - $30

Oversized Pallets (2500-4000 lbs) - $40

Storage per day:

100 square feet (1 to 4 pallets) - $100 per day

400 square feet (5 to 9 pallets) - $200 per day

600 square feet (10 to 25 pallets) - $300 per day

1000 square feet (26 to 45 pallets) - $400 per day

2000 square feet (46 to 70 pallets) - $500 per day

Security Deposit:

  • $500 per pallet
  • Refundable when all terms are met.


  • Outside of our regular business hours we charge $100/hour.

Requirements and restrictions for short-term handling:

*Trailer or Truck must be enclosed (cannot be open or flatbed trailer or truck).

*Loading end of truck is of standard dock height (48 inches with a variance of 2 inches).

*Not permitting the following materials:

  • Explosives.
  • Flammable and Combustible.
  • Oxidizing Substances.
  • Infectious Substances.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosives.
  • Biochemicals.
  • Any material or property that has a noticeable foul smell or strong odor.
  • Any liquids other than distilled or purified water.

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